Thus, 5,348 firms with foreign capital were founded last year, a drop from 5,831 units in 2015. After 1991, the most companies were set up in 2007, of over 15,000 firms with foreign capital. At the opposite side, the fewest firms (3,400) in this category were set up in 1995.

The total value of the share capital of the 5,348 firms is USD 40 million, up 1.4 percent over 2015.

During 1991-2106, 209,814 firms with foreign capital were created in Romania and the total value of the share capital was over EUR 44.8 billion.

The data until 2015 shows that the dominant firms were from constructions field (27.2 percent), industry (25.9 percent) and professional services (19.3 percent). Most of these kinds of firms were set up in Bucharest, 92,072, with a total social capital value of EUR 21.9 billion.

Out of the 209,814 firms, 43,627 firms have Italian capital, but the highest value of the social capital is owned by Dutch firms, respectively EUR 8.71 billion in approximately 4,919 firms. (source: