Sandor said that following the discussion he had with the 35 companies present in the city their necessary office space for 2014 will exceed 20,000 sqm. To this area based on extensions another office space is to be added for the new companies that will enter the city, as well as for the development of the services area of the companies which offers currently only production, says Sandor. Considering the implicit office space inquiry, but also the negotiations that NEPI is currently doing together with Sandor for the renting of the first phase of the office complex (which are exceeding the area of the first phase of the project – approx. 20,000 sqm), the developers expects that at the completion of the first offices, in Q1 2014, approx. 90% from the rentable area to be leased. The developers estimate that the first contracts for the office project to be signed in June-July 2013. They have already started the site organization and they will obtain the necessary permits to start construction in the next days. For the project construction, the developers work with three general contractors, one for each of the phases of the development – structure, façade and installations. For the first phase the general contractor was designated the company Pab from Arad, followed by a bid for the constructor which will manage the façade. The project in Cluj will be developed on three phases, the first with 20,000 sqm and completion in 1A 2014, the second with 18,000 sqm and completion in 2015 and the last with 17,000 sqm to be finalized in 2016. (sursa: