The building, former back office quarters for an important bank, includes the most modern IT&C infrastructure, being one of the main reasons of the transaction success.

CRS is runs projects in online, cloud, big data, having the experience in the newest field technologies.

In the first nine months of 2013, most of the companies which have rented office spaces are part of the IT&C sector. Countrywide, there were 58 IT&C companies signing office leases in the first three quarters, totalizing an area of 55,354 sq. m.

Most of the In IT&C companies chose Bucharest (88%), the rest of them being attracted by cities such as Iasi, Timisoara, Cluj Napoca and Sibiu.

„The IT&C sector stays the most dynamic sector of the economy, apart the Romanian and multinational already present on the developing market, new companies choose Romania as IT&C investment destination. The strengths in attracting IT&C investments are the human resources, that we have young talented programmers, with special professional capabilities and that our country situates on the second place in the world at internet speed. The expansion of those companies implies their need for new offices, approx. 30% of the total number of transactions made in 2013 being generated by the request from this type of companies”, said Alexandru Petrescu, managing partner Esop Consulting / Corfac International.  (source: