CBRE will occupy an area of nearly 1,000 m² on the first floor of the modern office building which, along with Villa Oromolu, is part of the Aviatorilor 8. As expected, the new office building will be completed by the end of 2018, as from the beginning of November, the CBRE will temporarily work in the Spaces flexible offices of Campus 6, a complex developed by Skanska and managed by CBRE. The Campus 6 project is located near the Polytechnic University, in the center-west area of the capital.

For setting up new offices, CBRE collaborates with Morphoza, an interior design consultancy company recognized for creativity and innovative solutions. The concept has been inspired by the idea of offices of the future, where the emphasis is on the employee's well-being, on a pleasant and creative environment where ultra-modern technologies blend perfectly with the most sophisticated wellness principles. CBRE has used its new technologies to define and optimize space, including the use of different types of workspace applications, or the space simulation application that allows virtual tours of 2D and 3D type. Another innovative solution used in setting up the new CBRE facility is its own methodology used to increase well-being, health and, implicitly, employee productivity by building professional profiles and establishing a connection between work and the environment.

The Aviatorilor 8 office building has an avant-garde design with a double curved façade that reflects Vila Oromolu, one of Bucharest's most beautiful heritage buildings. Villa Oromolu was built in 1927 in a neoclassical, baroque and neo-neo-style blend and was restored by NEPI. The ensemble is located at the intersection of Aviatorilor Boulevard with Paris Street, in the ultra-central area of Bucharest (CBD - Central Business District), has a total rentable area of over 7,700 m² and a parking lot of 202 seats, located on three underground levels. The office building has four levels, and the generous glazed surface provides abundant natural light while also offering optimal thermal insulation. In addition to CBRE, the tenants of the project are: US General Electric, which has its headquarters at Fitbit, a US hardware and software developer, and the American company Philip Morris. (source: CBRE)