The class A and B office stock in Bucharest reached 2.61 million square meters at the end of the first half of this year, and the western area with a stock of 341,000 square meters has a 12% share. By delivering the projects under development, western Bucharest offices will reach 577,000 square metres by the end of 2018, accounting for 19% of an estimated 3 million sq m stock.

Office developments in the western area of the capital are mainly locatednear the Basarab Passage and the Grozăveşti, Politehnica and Petrache Poenaru (Semanatoarea) subway stations, which have a fairly easy access by road and public transport. Additionally, the proximity to the Polytechnic University and the Regie - Grozăveşti - Leu university campus is an asset of IT companies that have an important pool of selection for new employees in this area.

For example, Bitdefender, one of the most dynamic IT companies in Europe, recently leased a space of 9,300 square meters to the Orhideea Towers project in the western area of the capital in which it will move its headquarters in early 2018.

In the first half of 2017, approximately 75,000 square meters of office space were delivered in Bucharest. By the end of the year, new spaces will be delivered with an area of 80,000 square meters. The office space offer in Bucharest will return to an upward trend in 2018, when it is expected to deliver new spaces with an area of about 340,000 square meters. (source: