The young engineers develop cutting-edge technologies in the field of autonomous management and of the fourth industrial revolution, as well as in the field of renewable energy. Bosch has thus intensified its local research and development activities in Cluj and officially opened a new IT center.


The new Bosch office aims, for the coming years, to create more jobs for young professionals in the IT field. Through the new IT center, Bosch completed one of its objectives regarding the research and development in Cluj-Napoca. The company enhances the role of local activities within its own European network of research and development.


Regarding the technological solutions for intelligent building management, the young team expands its activities from software development for integrated systems to device interconnection and data analysis for photovoltaic inverters, necessary for generating green energy from the photovoltaic solar panels.


“We had very good experiences in Romania so far and we offer exciting content and fantastic career opportunities for the most brilliant minds in the country,” stated in a press release Roman Sellin, director of the R&D center in Cluj-Napoca.


Bosch research and development activities in Romania were launched in Jucu in November 2013, sharing the location with the new production facility for automotive technology. (source: