The development plans for this location aim to hire staff and expand the team, namely creating an environment that reflects Awin’s values and culture, an inclusive place where people can be authentic and reach their full potential. The company is looking for specialists in various fields, such as IT, marketing, finance, and human resources.

Virpy Richter, CFO of Awin, stated the following regarding the plans in Iași: “Choosing Iași was a strategic decision for Awin, driven by the rapidly developing technology environment and the large number of talented professionals here. After a successful pilot period, Awin recognized the city’s potential and decided to rent a long-term office space of over 800 square meters. We encourage all those interested to explore potential career opportunities and immerse themselves in the warm and flexible culture of our company. We are building our future talent reserves here, from Iași, especially in areas such as customer service, IT engineering, and financial operations. We offer competitive benefits, such as workplace flexibility and top-notch facilities, ensuring a comfortable and productive work environment. Our offices are carefully designed, emphasizing functionality and aesthetics to efficiently support the needs of our team.”

Awin employees enjoy generous benefits that are part of the company’s culture, such as a flexible work week, internal learning platforms, foreign language courses, health subscriptions, allowances for telework furniture, well-being programs, and other advantages throughout the year.

Awin’s technology and innovative tools provide rigorous sales monitoring and allow advertisers to monitor campaigns for maximum optimization. The pillars of the Awin company are choice, control, and customization, which positions the affiliate marketing platform well above traditional marketing and advertising options. Awin achieves this through its partner ecosystem, offering clients both innovative platform features and plug-and-play e-commerce solutions that will help them reach new audience segments, increase sales, and generate more revenue for their online businesses.