In 2014, Romania had over 64,000 IT specialists, being a European leader for the number of per capita employees in the field of information technology. It also ranks 6th at world level for this segment. The financial performance of the IT&C sector in Romania has grown. The annual average business figure of the sector has reached 2.8 billion Euros. Specialists say that Romania s target is to reach 10 billion Euros. The IT sector was the only one which did not fire personnel during the crisis, Encutescu said.


According to the MECT official, the IT&C sector was the third largest gross contributor to GDP and total investments my reach 2.4 billion Euros.


At present, Romania ranks 5th in the world for Internet speed. If we consider statistics, we can see that much more important countries are behind Romania. The first 20 towns with access to the highest Internet speed include Bucharest -4th, Galati 7th, Iasi 8th, Timisoara 9th, Ploiesti 10th, Oradea 13th. According to National Bank data, in 2013 the IT industry ranked 2nd in the top of service exports. Encutescu pointed out.


At general level, official data presented on Monday by MECT secretary of state shows that the value of direct net investments in Romania was 2,427 billion Euros on December 31, 2013.


The fields which had most investments were the processing industry and information technology. For the latter the investment value has reached 2.050 billion Euros, the MECT representative showed.


Romania s government, through the Ministry for Information Society (MSI), together with the US Department of Trade and the Commercial Service of the US Embassy to Bucharest organize the Regional Summit for Cyber Security over May 11-13.


The summit gathers government officials, public and private companies and specialists in cyber security from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, USA and Romania.


In the same period of time the US Department of Commerce and the Commercial Service of the US Embassy to Bucharest organize a commercial mission made of 20 American companies meant to present the latest solutions it can offer in the field. (source: