"We chose this building because of the opportunity price and the good location. At the new headquarters we will relocate the administrative offices, online order processing offices, and we will arrange staff training rooms", says Mola Luigi, manager and owner of AutoKarma.

The business center has a built area of 978 sqm, a usable area of 850 sqm and is divided into several levels: ground floor, ground floor and two floors plus attic.
The building has a mixed office space, open space and with partitions, voice-data cabling, fire detection system, air-conditioning with split units and own central heating, furnished kitchen.

"The location of the office building is very close to the new business pole in the centre-west and the North Railway Station, two important landmarks in the capital's business area. This type of small and medium sized office buildings in the vicinity of major business poles are becoming more interesting as these areas develop, especially for commercial businesses or service segment companies", says Alexandru Petrescu Managing Partner at ESOP Consulting l CORFAC International.

According to ESOP, since the beginning of this year, interest has increased for investment in office buildings with areas ranging between 500-2,000 sq m, new or needing renovations, located in good areas, for headquarters relocation or for being rented. (source: ESOP)