This information helps segment and personalize communication, which can lead to a doubling of sales over the course of a year. The installation and use of a customer relationship management software requires an initial investment of at least 1,000 euros. The research included 213 communication campaigns, carried out over 11 years by 31 companies in fields such as: FMCG, automotive, retail, telecom and event organization.

In Europe, CRM systems are used in a much higher percentage than in Romania, according to Eurostat data. Thus, according to the Bureau of Official Statistics of the European Union, in Romania, only 14% of companies with at least 10 employees use a CRM system to analyze customer information for marketing purposes. These data show that we are at half the potential, compared to other countries such as Ireland, the Netherlands or Finland, where companies use CRM systems up to 26%. The official information attests that in 2009, in Romania, the companies used CRM systems in a percentage of 13%, and in 2019, of 14%. The increase of only 1% in 10 years is not even comparable to that of Lithuania, for example, which increased from 9% to 24% in the same period. This statistic could be much improved if several companies in Romania adopted CRM systems, especially considering that the installation and bringing to an optimal level of operation of such a system takes a maximum of one month.

Another conclusion of the research shows that the most suitable CRM for Romanian SMEs is HubSpot, an intuitive software that maximizes and simplifies marketing efforts. HubSpot is ranked as the best marketing platform in the world, serving over 10,000 companies in 65 different countries. For best results, an initial investment of 2,500 euros and a monthly investment of 500 euros is recommended. The amortization of the invested amount can take between 6 months and a year, but the results are visible after only one month, when you can already generate a quick gain.
Among the main benefits of a CRM platform are: (1) efficiency maximized by 80% in achieving communication objectives in a month, compared to similar campaigns without data collection; (2) better understanding of the goal and predictability in decision making for a higher conversion rate; (3) identifying the reasons why previous campaigns did not achieve their objectives and finding the right tools for improvement; (4) generating personalized offers and experiences, based on the consumption habits of the monitored target audience; (5) improving the level of consumer involvement and increasing loyalty through concrete information-based interaction; (6) more accurate risk and team assessment.

"The reason we so strongly promote this approach is related to our own experience. Both Interactions and Mediapost Martech are SMEs that have internally tested this strategy that includes the use of Big Data solutions and both companies have had above average results. These effects begin to appear from the very first two weeks. Therefore, we understand the value of a quick gain and we believe in the gradual but accelerated capacity to improve the business in this way ", said Adrian Alexandrescu, Managing Partner Interactions and Senior Partner of Mediapost Martech. "Our goal is to democratize access to CRM in Romania, by launching this product that guarantees success and can be the universal marketing solution, in a global context, which involves re-evaluating and reinventing the business model," he added.  (source: Mediapost Martech)