The number of companies with foreign capital stood at 202,192 at the end of July. 3,557 foreign capital companies have registered in Romania during the first seven months of this year, their capital standing at USD 23.863 M.


During this period both the number of companies and the value of their registered capital was lower compared to the same period last year. Thus, 3,676 companies were registered in the first seven months of 2014, their subscribed capital totalling USD 31.064 M.


Considering the sectors of activity, most foreign capital was concentrated in the industrial sector, over 42 per cent, of which 35.7 per cent in the extractive and processing industry and 6.82 per cent in the electric and thermal energy, natural gas and water industry.


Financial leveraging and insurances attracted 17.16 per cent of the registered capital subscribed, followed by wholesale and retail trade (12.45 per cent) and constructions (7.6 per cent). Agriculture, forestry and fishing attracted only 1.96 per cent of the foreign capital subscribed.


From the point of view of the countries of origin, most foreign capital companies had Italy as their country of origin (40,942), followed by Germany (20,900) and Turkey (14,218).


Although the companies with Italian and German capital are the most numerous, their overall capital is modest, the companies are small. The Netherlands tops the rankings based on the value of subscribed capital, Dutch capital surpassing Italian and German capital combined. (source: