According to it, the work is a research report which was made on a sample of 1,096 entrepreneurs at national level, out of which approximately in the south-east region.
‘The activity of SMEs showed the fact that approximately 20% of the SMEs reduced their activity in the last five years, 60% kept their activity at the same level, and approximately 20% increased their activity. It is an almost equal percentage between the companies which reduced or amplified their economic activity. As compared to 2015, the economic performances of the SMEs in the region are approximately equal’ Jianu said.
The CNIPMM chairman said that almost half of the investors who took part in the research said that the economic activity in 2017 will be ‘embarassing’ and they do not have favourable expectations from next year.
Jianu said the objectives of the companies in 2017 are to keep the business at the present dimensions, only approximately 9% consider that they can ‘have an accelerated extension’ of the business, which shows ‘ distrust’ in the business environment.
According to the representative of CNIPMM the opportunities found in the White Chart for the next period are the increase of the demand on the domestic market, the introduction on new markets and the use of new technology and the first three issues they will have to face are bureaucracy, corruption and excessive checks as well as the lack of work force. (source: