Of this total, 116 buildings were BREEAM certified and 12 buildings LEED certified.

Most certified buildings are industrial (57 manufacturing or warehouse buildings), followed by retail (43 shops, retail parks or malls) and office (this year only 19).

According to ADP green building, for the fourth year in a row, CTP obtains the highest number of certifications, namely 43. In addition to the 9 new buildings, they have renewed their BREEAM In-Use certificates for 34 previously certified buildings, bringing the total to 108 certified buildings. The 108 certified buildings represent more than 25% of the total number of BREEAM certified buildings in Romania.

The certifications cover the environmental component in an excellent way, but also touch on many social (for instance requirements for health and safety of workers during construction) and governance aspects (integrated design, verification and testing of building systems before acceptance, existence and publication of a management policy, reporting of utility consumption to management, etc.).

In addition, with versions due to appear in 2024, BREEAM and LEED will integrate the decarbonisation plan for new and existing buildings and validate the carbon-free operation of buildings.

ADP green building is the market leader in Romania for green building consulting and certification services. ADP green building completed 85 BREEAM certifications in 2023, equivalent to 1,380,000 sqm, representing almost 60% of the total BREEAM/LEED/WELL certifications completed in 2023 in Romania.