The new floor will include an open space offices area, several meeting rooms as well as relaxation areas. The current offices occupies the entire 5th floor of the office building, the new space will occupy also the 6th floor in Phoenix Tower, with an area of 830 sq. m. In total the two floors include more than 1,750 office space.


If in the current floor fit out, Zitec has used SF themes inspired by the Star Trek series or the computer game Pac Man, the new floor will also include other original elements, with a focus on the teams’ recreation area. “The existence of a comfortable and organized space, which encourages the „out of the box” thinking, is very important for our company, where creativity is one of the main criteria for the carry out of the projects”, said Alexandru Lapusan, the company’s head.


The new space will allow the team growth up to more than 150 specialists. “In 2013, the number of the members of our team has increased with over 50 pct., to more than 90 software specialists, and we will continue the recruiting process this year, in order to reach over 120 colleagues. Therefore the expansion of our offices is a necessary stage for Zitec team to continue to feel comfortably in its working place, in a spacious and friendly environment”, said Florentina Greger, HR manager Zitec.


The area of the two occupied floors will allow the company to accommodate over 150 colleagues, therefore the working space per employee to be maintained above the industry average of 10 m. (source: