Romania is third in Central and Eastern Europe in what concerns the economic outlook over the next six months, behind Austria and Slovakia (+24.1 points), a survey conducted by ZEW in collaboration with Austria’s Erste group shows.

In what concerns the Romanian economy’s current situation, the analysts’ perception has worsened in November to -0.1 per cent, after dropping 7 points to 0 points in October. Nevertheless, the Romanian economy’s current situation surpasses that of Croatia or Hungary, where the indicator stands at -54.6 points and -20.6 points respectively.

The Bucharest Stock Exchange’s outlook has improved in November according to the ZEW survey, the indicator that measures expectations for the BET index registering a drop of 7.7 points to 42.4 points.

At the same time, expectations for the evolution of the RON improved, reaching 3.3 points, up from 0 points in October.


Central and Eastern Europe has registered an improvement of its economic outlook over the next six months, the region’s index growing by 5.5 points to 12.5 points, backed by developments in Slovakia, Turkey and the Czech Republic. The indicator for the region’s current situation has dropped by 22.3 points to -12.6 points. (source: