The courses will thus be held as part of the office project and will have a standard duration of three years. University degrees will be recognized in the United States, as well as in the European Union, with students also having the option of completing courses in West Virginia. Graduates will also have the right to work in the United States for a period of up to three years, in accordance with the regulations in force.

The curriculum made available to future students provides two specializations, Information Technology (IT) and Business, being among the best adapted in Romania to current requirements in the labour market. The academic cycle will be divided into six semesters, each lasting four months, and the educational model will be innovative on the Romanian market, being divided into modules - students will study five subjects each semester, four of which will be studied intensively for a month. A novelty is also given by the fact that the students from the IT specialization will be able to receive certifications after graduating each module.

The IT curriculum was designed by managers working in the field of IT&C, being adapted to current requirements in the labour market. Students will study, among others, Programming (Java, JavaScript and Python), Software Design & Development and Project Management and Business Analytics. Graduates will also have the option of additional specialization at Salem University, West Virginia or Indianapolis, Indiana, in areas such as Cybersecurity, Data Science and Enterprise Network Management.

Students of the Business section will acquire basic knowledge in business administration, management, accounting, finance and management, technical skills that will be useful in a globalized economy.

"Attracting a university in an office project is a novelty for the local real estate market. We wanted, from the moment we created Vox Technology Park concept, to enable an environment in which not only employees will grow professionally and acquire new knowledge, but also employers will have access to young and highly qualified human resources. We have numerous IT start-ups within the project, and we have supported

small teams in the development of innovative products, both through space and through the possibility of being part of an ecosystem with many companies in the field of technology. The academic courses that will be held at Vox Technology Park will raise the bar in local education and will strengthen the idea of a Technology Park, which is not just a marketing expression", said Virgil Tornoreanu, CEO of Vox Property Group, developer and project owner of the office building.

Vox Technology Park has a leasable area of 26,600 square meters and was completed in Timisoara following an investment of 30 million euros. The project offers unique facilities at the national level, such as the possibility of biometric identification, but also numerous competitive advantages for employees. The company is also developing the Vox Vertical Village residential project, located in the immediate vicinity of the office project. (Source: Vox Property Group)