The Government approved on January 27, at the initiative of the MDRAP, the ordinance for the amendment and supplementing the Law No. 372/2005 on the energy performance of buildings, republished, an act that continues the transposition into Romanian law of Directive 2010/31/EU and of the May 19, 2010 Council on the energy performance of buildings.


"I proposed to colleagues in the Government some important legal changes, to enable us reaching the 2020 targets for buildings with low energy consumption for heating/cooling, hot water, lighting and household appliances. The project approved on Wednesday was included on the Ministry's list of priorities for 2016. We were estimating its completion and implementation for February; well, we brought it forward a little," Minister of Regional Development and Vice Prime Minister Vasile Dincu said in the statement.


For the public buildings, the law enters into force starting December 31, 2018. (source: