Turnkey projects generated 60% of revenues, with approximately 1 in 2 projects being refurbishments of existing spaces.
“The changes in the labour market, especially the hybrid work mode, along with the increasing proportion of Generation Z employees, are driving the need to rethink and redesign offices to become a destination that people enjoy accessing. Last year, half of Workspace Studio's projects were refurbishments aimed at creating a flexible company space, relevant to both people and the company's identity. I estimate that next year the proportion of these projects will exceed 70%, of course, against the backdrop of a reduced volume of new office buildings, but especially because organizations need to align the design and functionality of the space with the expectations of employees and the new needs of companies", says Horatiu Didea, Managing Partner of Workspace Studio.

Due to companies' need to provide employees with attractive office spaces, with a strong emphasis on design and physical as well as social ergonomics, the orientation towards premium quality and multifunctionality solutions was maintained in 2023. Thus, diverse and experiential design, space flexibility through partitioning solutions with sound insulation and superior technical features, and sustainability integrated into interior architecture solutions represent central aspects in all recent Workspace Studio setups, directions that will be maintained in 2024 as well.

Trends 2024: Refurbishments and impactful design. Spaces shrink, demands rise
As companies have felt the negative effects of remote work on organizational culture and employee engagement, the role of the office has been redefined, primarily becoming a space for connecting with colleagues. Connectivity and collaboration take on different forms depending on the organization, and the office must efficiently respond to multiple types of interactions: idea exchange, mentoring and onboarding processes, learning, teamwork, work meetings, strategy, or innovation. Therefore, the design of modern offices needs to have an impact on the quality of connection, serving as a catalyst for a superior employee experience in the workplace

At the same time, the office remains a space for individual work for many employees for whom their own home or third-party spaces are not a desirable option. Therefore, current offices need to integrate areas for concentration or relaxation, providing acoustic comfort and privacy on demand, as well as high-ergonomic workstations. The impact of design can thus be measured in the level of comfort and well-being of employees, with space being a key element in any organization's employee experience strategy.

Last but not least, an important trend crystallizing this year is the adaptability of office layouts to change, even if it involves changes that can be made in minutes, hours, or days. Therefore, there is sustained interest in multifunctional and modular solutions and spaces.

“Every refurbishment project starts with a discussion about organizational culture and how the workspace can support it. Companies need spaces that strengthen community cohesion and where people emotionally connect. And, above all, spaces that remain relevant, attractive, and functional over time but can be quickly changed to meet new needs. Employee orientation becomes more important than ever, and offices with inspiring designs that stimulate creativity are a source of competitive advantage and a consciously recognized necessity for an increasing number of organizations. In 2024, we anticipate a trend towards smaller spaces, greater cost pressure, but the needs for quality and impact will remain", explains Horatiu Didea.

Investments of over EUR 3 mln in logistics and showroom
In the last quarter of 2023, Workspace Studio completed an investment of over EUR 300,000 in expanding the showroom located on the 18th floor of the Sky Tower Bucharest building. Within the extended showroom, customers can explore furniture design brands such as Herman Miller, Knoll, Hay, NaughtOne, Geiger, Framey Acoustics, Buzzispace, Renz, sustainable acoustic solutions such as those from Impact Acoustic, Maars partitioning systems, Mohawk flooring, as well as the latest trends in office design and space planning solutions, providing inspiration for modern, personalized, and innovative work areas.

Additionally, Workspace Studio has invested over EUR 3 mln in a 6000-square-meter logistics space located in the Western area of the capital. This facility enables the optimization of large-scale refurbishment projects spanning over several months, the preparation of furniture pieces and integrated solutions in turnkey projects, and the acceleration of delivery processes and customer service. 

“All the projects we've implemented in recent years have faced serious time constraints. In other words, companies want a new office quickly, or a very rapid refresh of their existing space. To increase efficiency and reduce waiting time for integrated solutions in refurbishments, last year we chose to invest in our own logistics unit where we store both furniture pieces from the brands we represent and currently include in our setups, as well as construction materials and architectural products needed in the design projects. Moreover, our clients increasingly require flexible solutions, much faster logistic response, and increasingly agile customer service. Integrated logistics control will allow us to respond at a high level to the ever-changing needs of our clients", says Horatiu Didea.

Ergonomic chairs, electric desks, acoustic booths, and soft seating remain the top-selling products.
Herman Miller chairs are globally recognized for their quality, ergonomics, and 12-year warranty, and they are appreciated for the technological innovations they offer. Among the most sought-after and top-selling products in 2023 are the Mirra 2 and Aeron chairs from Herman Miller, world-leading ergonomic solutions that provide personalized adjustment based on individual physical characteristics.

The top-selling products in 2023 are complemented by adjustable desks, acoustic booths, and soft seating products (sofas, armchairs).

Workspace Studio is a distributor of high-quality office furniture and architectural products with a focus on ergonomics and is the sole Certified Dealer of MillerKnoll in Romania. The turnkey interior design solutions proposed by Workspace Studio are personalized and integrated, with an emphasis on ergonomics, sustainability, and human-centered design, focusing on people and their activities and interactions.

As one of the few players in the market focused on human-centric design, Workspace Studio stands out through an extensive portfolio of products addressing ergonomics, sustainability, and comfort equally, contributing to increased productivity and quality of life.

The Workspace Studio group includes companies Workspace Studio and Allspace Interiors, specializing in ergonomic turnkey office layout solutions.