The study, which included 44,000 respondents, also showed that 64 percent of the people asked felt the lack of interaction with other professionals, while 32 percent were worried about their physical form, which seems to suffer when working from home. Over 62 percent of respondents said they feel the need to travel more, in order to be away from their homes.


Another disadvantage of working from home might be that there is no clear delimitation between work and family life, leading to the families intervening in the workflow and affecting productivity on the long run.


The study concludes that, in order for productivity to be maintained, the work space needs to be professional, to offer interactions with other professionals and the proper work equipment.


Regus offers flexible workspaces globally. Among their clients are Google, Toshiba and GlaxoSmithKline and their network includes some 2.1 million members. Founded in Brussels in 1989, the company has its headquarters in Luxembourg and is listed on the London Stock Exchange. (source: