The trade with motorcycles, car parts and related accessories, motorcycles maintenance and service were up by 3.6 percent, while trade with car parts and accessories for motor vehicles saw a decline of 4.1 percent, read data released by the National Statistics Institute (INS).


As adjusted series by number of working days and seasonality, trade businesses increased by 6.6 percent.


The activity of market services rendered to the population had an advance of 2.8 percent, unadjusted series, over January-April, derived from the activities of travel agencies and tour operators (+ 12.6 percent), hairdressing services and other beauty activities (+ 11.1 percent) and gambling activities and other recreational activities (+ 5.3 percent). Decreases were recorded in activities of washing, cleaning and dyeing textiles and fur (-3.8 percent) and in activities of hotels and restaurants (-0.8 percent).


Considering the adjusted series, the services rendered to the population had a lower growth of 1.8 percent. (source: