The renovation, which commenced in 2012, involved a redevelopment of the buildings' superstructures. Main reception foyers and common areas were modernised, while the rental areas have been developed in line with the current standards and tenant’s requirements. Electrical, heating and air-conditioning installations have been replaced, as was the flooring. The interiors as well as façades have been refreshed. The buildings are scheduled for commissioning for use in autumn 2013.

The 6-storey Chmielna 134 Business Office Center (formerly AKTYN) offers a total of 14,000 sqm of modern office space and attractive retail space located on the ground floor. Koszykowa 54 Trade Center (formerly IPC) is a 7-storey building housing 10,000 sqm of top-class office space and 750 sqm of retail space.

The completed modernisation of Chmielna 134 Business Office Center and Koszykowa 54 Trade Center is one element of the business strategy of UBS (D) Euroinvest Immobilien. The fund, specializing in office space market investments in Europe, purchases buildings that are either already high standard or show the potential due to their prestigious location.

The fund's portfolio includes such investments as, for example, the Warsaw office building Ilmet and Nova Praga. (source: