Another conclusion of the discussions is that the university environment should be more involved in teaching new real estate specialists, considering that 70-75 pct of the wealth is in real estate. Moreover the current system of taxation of the real estate assets is considered obsolete, and this cannot be modified without data bases which include information about the area and the age of the buildings.


„The office market is the only that has functioned during crises too, Last year there were 115,000 sq. m delivered for a request of 300,000 sq. m”, has declared Horaţiu Florescu, president of the consultancy firm The Advisers/Knight Frank.

He said that the office market structure has changed compared to the period before the crises – the market wasn’t that fragmented as in present – and the specialists in the field were benefiting from more experience. “Now we are working more. Before the transactions closed much rapidly”, he added.


He also considers that 2014 will bring a series of consolidations and transactions on the investment side. “We have signed by now nearly 64,000 sq. m in 2014 and by the end of the year we expect a volume almost four times bigger“.  (source: