The activities carried out in headquarters

According to the British website a first aspect to be considered is the nature of the activity. If the company needs meeting rooms for its clients, then the headquarters should be chosen considering this aspect. Also, the field of activity is important.


„For a call-center 6-7 square metres per employee are enough, while a company with clients’meetings would need 10-12 square metres for each person working there”, says Ann Clarke, design manager within Claremont Group Interiors.


Development and expansion possibilities

Renting a space of a certain size will satisfy the current needs, but it is possible that the company grow in the future. This will also mean the space area increase. Developing businesses and increasing the number of employees are things to aspire for each company, so you need to choose a building which could offer the space we will need in two or five years.


In order to make sure there will be room for expansion in the future it is advisable to choose office parks, which include several buildings and enough space to host a growing company, so that the company wouldn’t need to relocate in a few years.


Easy access for employees and clients

According to Bplans website, an important aspect to consider when choosing a headquarters is the easy access both for clients and employees. If the company is located outside the city, the company should provide means of transportation for the employees and pay for them. Moreover, the clients should also reach easily the headquarters and not to have difficulties in finding the building.


We also have to admit that sometimes clients are considering a company by its address. So the message that comes with the location of the headquarters is another factor to consider, say the journalists from



Speaking about the costs of the offices we are not only referring to the rent. Each office park has its rules regarding prices. The parking, the access to a storage facility, management, cleaning, are some of the expenses we should consider apart the rent itself.


Moreover, choosing green offices which guarantee lower monthly bills could help us making substantial savings. When we are looking for an office it should be wise to ask if the office has a green certification, such as BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology), LEED, etc.


Facilities for employees

Restaurants, cafes, gyms, shops, maybe even kindergartens – are facilities any employee wishes close to its working place, so the companies should consider these aspects.


The office we choose for the company is a true business card. IT influences the work-flow, the personnel productivity, the expenses, but also the impression of the clients, so we should choose carefully. (source: