Israeli investors are interested in buying shares of the new founded company, after gathering on 25th of July over EUR 53 million.

Globalworth announced that Villar International Limited, controlled by the Israeli businessman Shlomo Tisser, is interested in the acquisition of a million shares, representing 9.3% of the total shares issued.

The company Villar was founded in 1975, and in 1989 was bought by Shlomo Tisser, currently general manager and member in the Administration Council. The company is active in three sectors: commercial and residential properties construction, renting properties and construction equipments and services providing of document archiving. The company owns and rents approx. 225,000 sqm of properties in Israel, Germany and owns development companies in Romania.

The Villar group is present on the Romanian market through Archivit, specialized in documents archiving and storage.


Shlomo Tisser is one of the partner investors of Ioannis Papalekas. Through Villar Properties, Tisser owns 50% of Jaguar Development, company connected to the acquisition of City Mall, the rest of the shares being owned by an off-shore from Cyprus. (source: