The attic is located in a heritage mansion dating back to 1893 alongside the mezzanine in a new building to which the building is connected.
The space has a capacity of 50 seats and represents an investment of 100,000 euros.

Members have flexible work desks and access to meeting and conference rooms, internet, a kitchen (where coffee, water, tea), storage or relaxation areas, a library and a printer are available. In addition, they will also have access to the benefits offered in partnership with the businesses that will have the offices in the hub.

V7 Startup Studio has been designed by architects as a modular space, both at the attic and at the mezzanine can be organized various types of events, from workshops, weekend courses, product launches, pitching sessions or networking events. Investors have proposed to organize 2-3 community events per month and around 6-8 to be organized by other companies.

The Hub offers monthly subscriptions of 220 euros, but also half-day access, a full day or 10 days / month, at rates starting at 15 euros. Space is available 24/7 for members who have a monthly subscription.

"One third of the seats were occupied before the opening because of the high demand for such workplaces in Bucharest", says Iulian Cîrciumaru, co-founder of 7card & V7 Capital.

In Bucharest there are currently 52 coworking spaces, respectively 45 in other cities, most of them being in Cluj-Napoca. For comparison, Ukraine has 99 such spaces, and the Czech Republic, Austria and Poland 340 each. Worldwide, the coworking space market is 1% of the office space, with a total of 15,000 seats today, with estimates of up to 25,000 in 2025. (source: