The B2B platform addresses businesspersons and local investors as well as individuals looking to purchase cars, flats or other goods of companies in the portfolio of insolvency firms. An english version of the portal is available at “We started this initiative on the backdrop on an insolvency market that has continuously expanded in the past five years, in which at least 10 percent more insolvency files are opened from the previous year with a small volume of market liquidity, and the spectacular impact of the internet on the business environment,” said Arin Octav Stanescu, UNPIR president. The website is split into six main categories and hosts over 900 active sales announcements for goods totaling RON 800 million (EUR 183 million). “Along with the positive impact we hope to obtain through the major changers proposed in the New Insolvency Code, we would like to brake the mode we built in recent years and to enlarge the circle of buyers and investors we are collaborating with and take the first step towards an European market,” said Stanescu. (source: