The real estate market is nearing the boom from 2008, before the crises struck, according to representatives in the field, the office and logistics segments being the main growth engines.


„The ten local and international companies in the market are mainly providing corporate services. Those companies gather nearly 300 consultants, agents and valuators active in all market segments, from retai land offices to residential and logistics and industrial spaces.


On the background of the real estate market boosting in the latest years, the consultants revenues also started to grow again, the increase of the turnover being estimated at nearly 10 pct for 2015. In the first part of this year, the growing trend maintained, therefore most of the consultancy companies expect larger revenues“, says Mihnea Şerbă­nes­cu, ge­neral ma­nager of  DTZ Echi­nox,one of the companies active in this sector. (Source: