On the second place in the top is the Center-West area (Politehnica, Orhideea, Cotroceni, Răzoare), with a stock of 679,597 sqm and on the third place the Northern area (Pipera, Băneasa), with 328,218 sqm. In total, in Bucharest, there are modern, class A offices totaling over three million square meters, at the end of 2021. To these is added a stock of about 800,000 sq m of class B and B + offices.

"Over 61% of the office space delivered in 2021 are business-park type projects, with multiple phases and only 39% of the spaces are in individual buildings. In 2022, 82% of the announced spaces are also in business-park type projects. It is a natural trend, given the expansion of the city's business areas, but also the size of the companies present on the Bucharest market, and we believe that this trend will be maintained, as long as large plots of land with easy access to the subway will be available. In the ultra-central area, developers specialized in the renovation and reconversion of historic buildings have reappeared, which adds quality and variety to the office space options in Bucharest", says Alexandru Petrescu, Managing Partner at ESOP Consulting at CORFAC International.

This year, Class A office buildings totaling 286,876 sqm were put into use, most of them in the center-north area, where the first modern business hub of Bucharest was concentrated.

Next year, at the level of the Capital, it is planned to deliver 38% less office space, deliveries that can be reduced, considering that 10-20% of the projects announced annually have some delays. Most of the offices will be inaugurated in the Center-West area, near the Bucharest Polytechnic.

In 2021, the gates were opened for new large-scale projects, such as J8 Office Park, U Center, @Expo and One Cotroceni Park, and standard parks were expanded, such as Campus 6.2 with new Class A office buildings, most of which pre-leased from the construction phase. A number of independent properties were also delivered, such as Matei Millo Offices, Globalworth Square, Țiriac Tower, Dacia One and Politehnica Business Tower.

In the projects delivered in 2021, tenants such as Wipro, Endava, Ubisoft, UP Romania, Banca Transilvania, Computaris, Euroins, Société Générale European Business Services have moved, as well as service and trade companies to their ground floor such as Coffee Island, Stradale, Pain Plaisir, Mega Image, Mobile Vet.

The first offices in Sema Park, London and Oslo buildings, Tandem Building, AFI Tech Park II, as well as the spaces from the second stage from One Cotroceni Park and offices in the project @Expo will be completed in 2022.  Among the tenants who have pre-rented space in them and will move next year are Gameloft and Telekom.

The evolution of office space deliveries, before the Covid pandemic, in parallel with the two years of restrictions, shows us that this year's deliveries represent a record on the Bucharest market, exceeding 2019 and 2020.

2022 will be the year in which the central-western area will be a star
Next year, the list of areas where new office buildings will appear will change. In the Center-West, respectively the Polytechnic, Grozăvești, Răzoare areas, new office spaces will be inaugurated, totaling 94,773 sq m, almost double the stock of what is estimated to be in the Center-North.

In the Center-North (Aviatorilor, Barbu-Văcărescu, Expoziţiei) the deliveries of new spaces will decrease by 60% in 2022, compared to this year.

In the ultra-central area, two boutique buildings will be inaugurated, totaling almost 20,000 square meters of new office space, less than this year.