Overall, the four investors active on the local real estate market for 10-11 years reached a portfolio of 1.24 million sq. m rentable area, with 1.07 million sq. m representing the area of the commercial centres and offices.


The investors’ portfolios include 17 commercial centres and seven galleries with fewer stores, the total rentable area of those projects reaching 615,000 sq. m, while the commercial centres stock in Romania is approx. three million sq. m.


Moreover, the investors have more than 460,000 sq. m of offices in Bucharest, Cluj and Timişoara, while the business centres stock in Bucharest is evaluated by the consultants at 2.2 million sq. m.


The total value of the assets generating revenues is over EUR 2.5 billion, while the revenues from renting these properties by the four investors exceed EUR 175 million per year. (source: zf.ro)