The opening of the Focşani mall was scheduled for 2009. At the end of 2010, Omnium Invest has changed the strategy and planned the transformation of the mall in an agriculture food market. This solution did not work either, and in the spring of 2011 the company went bankrupt with debts over EUR 13 million.

After failed auctions and no interest from the investors, RVA Insolvency Specialists SPRL, dealing with Omnium Invest’s bankruptcy, is organizing an auction again for the assets of the company. This time, the price of the mall is 10% down.

The next auction will take place on 6th of June, at the liquidators’ headquarters. If this time again the assets won’t be tendered, other public auction will be organized each week, at the same hours on Thursdays, RVA announced.

 The new price for the mall under construction, with a total area of 12,879 sqm and a plot of land of 21,847 sqm is EUR 1.46 million, compared to EUR 1.62 million from January this year.

A land is also on sale, with 8,000 sqm area, starting EUR 307,000, a price also decreased with 10%.

The same 10% cut was also applied to a commercial space (supermarket) with 4,500 sqm area with a plot of 29,000 sqm, now having a starting price of EUR 2.25 million. The values do not include VAT.

 Omnium Invest is owned by Waverunner Corporation (50%), with headquarters in Wien, Austria and George Steinberg (50%), Israeli citizen, according to the information from the Trade Registry. (source: