Behind the registered companies in the two countries are though Romanian or American investors

The most active foreign investors in Romania, considering the value of the invested capital are the Germans. In September, the companies in Germany have increased the social capital of their Romanian branches with EUR 70 million, according to the most recent information from the Trade Registry.

The next places are occupied by Cyprus and Italy, with EUR 42 million capital infusions and EUR 34 million respectively.

The Americans increased their Romanian branches with EUR 15 million, while Austria and Switzerland brought over EUR 5 million in Romania for their local registered companies.

Despite their regional problems, the Greeks and Spanish investors increased the social capital of the s companies owned in Romania with EUR 2.8 million and EUR 993,000 million respectively.


Belgium situated on ninth place, followed by a surprise-investor, Syria, each of them bringing over EUR 950,000 investments. (source: