The volume transacted in 2012 totalized 238,862 sq. m, and the evolution in 2013 took place on the background of the spectacular growth of the relocation transactions, from 90,000 sq. m to almost 137,000 sq. m and of those representing renegotiation or renewal, from 70,488 sq. m to 112,181 sq. m.

The transactions also include the expansion contracts for spaces already taken (17,950 sq. m) and the pre-leases (24,430 sq. m). In both cases, last year registered a decrease, most significantly for the pre-leases. In 2012, the pre-leases have increased with more than 50% compared to the previous year, from 39,000 sq. m to over 59,000 sq. m.

"In 2013 the forecasts from the beginning of the year were exceeded on the office segment. Last year in Bucharest office spaces were rented with a total volume with 22% bigger than the previous year, a total area of 291,588 sq. m being transacted (including relocations, expansions, pre-leases and renewals, for the entire office market)", has declared Alexandru Petrescu, managing partner Esop Consulting.


Regarding the small and medium companies relocation, where Esop Consulting is most active, 2013 has exceeded the general growth rate, 201 transactions being concluded for offices with a total volume of 103,249 sq. m, which represents 29% growth of their number and 24% growth of their volume, compared to 2012. (source: