As a result, the offer of 2014 increased at approx. 150,000 sq. m, while for 2015 only a few projects are announced to be completed. With a few exceptions, the projects under construction were announced as green, sustainable (BREEAM, LEED or DGNB certified), as a response to clients, investors and multinationals constant request for this type of office spaces. Moreover, several representative office projects on the local market are in evaluation process for their certification as existing green building, especially for BREEAM. The total rent activity in 1Q 2013 is estimated at 63,000 sq. m with 59 transactions. The new request for office spaces and the renewals have attracted 94% of the 1Q activity, while a major decrease was registered by the pre-lease agreements, with 3% of the total area of transactions in 1Q. According to the geographic location, four business areas have registered 72% of the rented area in 1Q: West, North Pipera, Centre-North including central business area and Eastern-Centre. The interest for these business areas has increased as a result of the modern buildings availability already completed and leased in attractive financial conditions. It is also to be mentioned that in business area North Pipera – a zone where historically the worst occupancy rates have been registered – new leases were signed, representing 64% of the total retnal activity of the area (including renegotiations and extensions), and in the next quarters it is expected a continual decrease of the un-occupancy rate in this market sector. (sursa: