Empatio București has leased an area of 200 square meters within the project, where recovery services will be provided by specialists in neurology, manual therapy, visceral osteopathy, P-DTR, acupuncture, homeopathy and emotional therapy. The clinic will join the other tenants present in the building, including Oscar Downstream and Bilfinger.

Laurențiu Afrasine, CEO Akcent Development: “The location, the quality of the construction, and also the amenities on offer are all key elements which attract tenants in any office building, and Eminescu Offices benefits from all these competitive advantages. We continue to close new partnerships for the office spaces that we own, an aspect which is gratifying and which also creates the conditions for an increased demand in this market segment.”

The opening of the clinic is scheduled for April 2022 and marks Empatio’s entry on the Bucharest market. The clinic was founded by Dr. Orest Bolbocean, who owns two other clinics in Iaşi: one specialized in neurology, P-DTR, manual and emotional therapy, which includes complex, global solutions, acupuncture and homepathy and a physiotherapy clinic for adults and children – Empatio Kineto & Kids.

The Empatio Clinic is a flagship clinic and consists of specialists in neurology, manual therapy, P-DTR, kinesiology, acupuncture, homeopathy.

Dr. Orest Bolbocean, founder and owner of Empatio: “Our services are premium, extremely niche, and they sometimes seem holistic or harder to be comprehended by the patients who have not yet reached us. (Although things become much clearer for those who decide to benefit from the Empatio method). By taking this aspect into account, we desired an accessible, central location, which would tick all the boxes concerning our standard, surface, facilities. We specialize in treating contemporary health problems so to speak and this was the reason we sought to be accessible location-wise to those who face these challenges most often: people aged between 25-50, always on the run, facing deadlines and exposed to an ever-increasing degree of stress.”

Eminescu Offices is a premium project, an office building with a special design and an exterior facade that fits the area profile. The building has a leasable area of 7,000 square meters distributed on the ground floor and seven above-ground floors. The underground car park has 81 spaces, being also equipped with bicycle facilities. The office spaces are of the open space type, with terraces on each floor, the building design facilitating the access to natural light in all areas. Premium materials ensure good insulation and low energy consumption.

Eminescu Offices is a boutique building developed by Akcent Development, which revitalizes the historic Eminescu area and offers its tenants easy access to public transportation via bus and metro stations. Due to its ultra-central position, in the vicinity of the Universitate, Piaţa Romană, Calea Moşilor and Ştefan cel Mare areas, the building can therefore provide access to a wide range of services, such as restaurants, cafes, pharmacies or banks.

Akcent Development is one of the most dinamic residential developers in Bucharest, with 20 years of experience on the Capital City’s real estate market and approximately 7,500 apartments in its portfolio, out of which over 3,000 apartments were finalised in the the Cloud 9, 21 Residentce or 20 Residence projects. In the office segment, the company focused on boutique projects such as Mendeleev Office 5, Eminescu Offices, Rosetti Tower and Oscar One, located in the central area of the city, which have easy access to public transport and a wide range of facilities nearby.