The project oversees to generate 485 new jobs, considering that the industrial park Tetarom I is already occupied by more than 50 companies, with approx. 2,000 employees. The park has currently a total area of 320,000 sqm, and the estimated value of the investment already placed exceeds EUR 60 million.

The extension project implies the development of the park with a new plot of land, energy supply, water, sewage, the extension of the distribution pipe, gas branching, external electric networks, extension of the roads and parking, electric installation for public illumination, warehouse, offices, and platforms. The project duration is 27 months, in the period April 2013 – July 2015.

In Tetarom I industrial park in Cluj there are currently companies such as  EnergoBit, Banca Transilvania, RCC Consult, EGH Import Export, Agressione Expres Impex, Siemens or CBC Development Design.

For the moment The Local Council in Cluj owns three industrial parks in Cluj district, Tetarom I, Tetarom II and Tetarom III, but intends the development of another industrial park, Tetarom IV. The forth industrial park is to be built in Feleacu village, the investment of this project reaching almost EUR 12.5 million, of which EUR 3.2 million represents the grant from the European Fund of Regional Development. Both financing contracts, the one for the extension of Tetarom I and the one for the development of the new industrial park, Tetarom IV, are already signed. (sursa: