According to the source, the project involves EUR 50 million EU grants, similar to other technological parks in Europe.

Horea Uioreanu explained: "We have a good example in this respect: the scientific park in Berlin. There are over 1,000 companies operating here, from biotechnology, optics, IT or media fields, six research institutes of the universities and 11 non-university research centres.

Certainly the technological park in Cluj will be created on a smaller scale, on approx. 10 ha plot of land where modern buildings will be developed – offices, business incubators and several research laboratories for innovative technologies.

For the moment there are two possibilities of location for the future Tetapolis park, within Tetarom I Park, following its extension or on a plot of land in the proximity of Baciu village. We are convinced that the development of this park would follow the success model of Tetarom, through its current industrial parks".

Four of the industrial parks in Cluj are managed by Tetarom, where the Local Council Cluj is major shareholder, while the rest are private. (source: