Over 70% of the tenants are studying the market for a long time and start looking a new space 2-3 months before their lease termination. Considering the areas, 85% of the requests received by the Romtor Real Estate brokers vary between 200 and 500 sq. m, while 15% of those are coming from companies with over 50 employees, needing office spaces with areas up to 3,000 sq. m.

According to Romtor Real Estate, tenants are looking for spaces in prime office building. The modern constructions are favourite, while the style villas are losing their appeal.

Generally the developers which think about building office boutique type of buildings are targeting the smaller companies, with request of 200-500 sq. m, looking for spaces in modern and bright office buildings, also willing the intimacy of renting an entire floor and a better defined identity.

The most sought areas in Bucharest, according to the broker are Cotroceni (especially for companies active in IT and financial audit sectors), Militari - Politehnică (preferred generally by the companies in technical and IT fields), Dorobanţi - Aviatorilor (searched by the financial and services companies, working a lot with the public), the Centre (Unirii - Universitate - Romană), preferred by the companies whose employees are spread throughout the city, which are willing to invest in their image but not overpaying for it.

Northern area maintains its attractiveness not only due to the large number of available office building, but also due to the top managers’ preference to live in this area.

The properties evaluation is, maybe, the real estate segment with the largest demand in 2013.


,,More diverse from year to year, the available properties are imposing the work with a certified specialist, a valuator with a large experience, knowing very well the market', the representatives of Romtor said. (sursa: economica.net)