The capital city and other nine counties are the only ‘centres’ of Romania where the turnover of the companies surpass 5 billion euro annually ( a result at least equal to the turnover of Petrom – the biggest local company) while other ten counties do not manage to ‘ gather’ business of 1.5 billion euro ( similar to the turnover of Kaufland chain), an analysis of ZF on the basis of the data from Trade Registry shows.


With an unemployment rate of over 10% a net average salary which does not reach 1,400 lei, with fewer than 30,000 employees and a turnover less than 1.5 billion euro in companies, counties such as Mehedinti, Teleorman or Vaslui do not matter in the Romanian economy.


The polarity of the Romanian economy is at its highest: Mehedinti, Botosani, Vaslui, Caras-Severin and Covasna have business of only 5 billion euro per year, almost ten times lower than in the five richest counties: Arges, Timis, Cluj, Brasov and Prahova which have together 47 euro. Bucharest and Ilfov have business of 100 billion euro.


The capital city and new counties of the centre and western part of the country generate 70% of the turnover of the companies of Romania – 155 billion euro, while the economy of other 17 counties do not surpass 2 billion euro annually, namely a result cumulated with almost reaches 10% of the local business, shows an analysis of ZF on the basis of the data from the Trade Registry.


‘Everywhere in the world there are richer and poorer regions, there is polarised economy, but there are also strategies at the level of the country and the region. With us, nobody cares. The mayors, the prefects or the heads of the county councils have limited visions and are preoccupied by ‘ how much money we have to spend and how we could spend it’ and not to draw investments’ Matei Paun CEO of BAC Investment.



The data sent to ZF by the Trade Registry show that over 620,000 companies were registered in 2012 in the counties of Romania, and their turnover was almost 230 billion euro. These companies employ over 4 million employees. (source: