Regardless the value of the investment, any work space reflects the company’s organizational culture and will have a powerful impact not only on employees’ productivity, but also on guests, future elite employees, clients and potential partners. Therefore, Techno Office specialists recommend an increased attention to detail, especially when it comes to 4 essential decorations.


1. Creative lighting

Natural and artificial light are the main characters in any office design, since they simultaneously fulfill both a functional and a decorative role. Moreover, lighting has a strong impact on staff’s health. This is why, when choosing the right accessories and lights, the company must take into consideration a few aspects. Natural variations must be intelligently speculated and counterbalanced. The obstruction, diffusion and reflection seem difficult concepts, but advising with a professional will simplify this process.


„Throughout our experience, we advised clients in choosing efficient lighting solutions for their offices and when it comes to common areas – such as reception or lounge – most of them opt for modern lights in creative shapes and colors that will create a perfect match in each room. Also, individual lighting systems which are installed directly on the desk are becoming more and more popular among our clients. Using these kind of systems will offer a double advantage: customized light for each individual (in terms of light intensity and quantity), as well as a pleasant office atmosphere which resembles the home decor”, said Iuliana Carata, General Manager Techno Office.


2. Decorative walls

A sophisticated paint, suggestive wallpaper, a well placed curtain or an intimate drapery can offer the workspace exactly what is was missing. Whether it needs a healthy color, some motivational messages, more intimacy or more unity, a simple stripe can connect or separate people and ideas. Plus, an intelligent use of materials can create acoustic and tactile sensations in order to ease the difficulties of the day. Therefore, the team from Techno Office suggests a great attention to wall decoration.


3. Artifacts

Special significance paintings, photos with loved ones, sketches of ideas, sculptures, or museum value toys; they can all make an office look like a permanent exhibition hall. However, the energy of personal belongings can be contagious. Good taste and „brand value” must always be taken into consideration. In the end, the quality depends on the curator, since someone must decide what stays and what not.


4. Nature

Even if people are constantly in touch with nature, the last decades brought them into orthogonal cubes where they must deliver the same performances. Therefore, companies must find a solution to bring nature into the workspace. Plants, aquariums, birds, rocks, shells, everything is welcome if it contributes to creating a connection with nature. Besides their aesthetic role, these kinds of objects can influence air quality and increase employee productivity, as it was demonstrated by numerous studies.

“Since they are seen as mere accessories, their importance is often neglected and left at the end of the planning process. However, companies must realize that small decorations help in easing the office atmosphere by offering the employees a friendly work environment. Plus, these are the kind of details that prove the company’s attention towards its staff”, concluded Iuliana Carata.


Launched in 2008, TECHNO OFFICE is a joint venture owned by Iuliana Carata and Marco Magnani. TECHNO OFFICE offers complete office furnishing solutions, from counseling to project implementation.  TECHNO OFFICE has been in a continuous development process and has diversified its products range in order to offer only high quality services, becoming today a complete and complex supplier.


In Romania, the company is the exclusive importer of Haworth products. Moreover, TECHNO OFFICE collaborates with several other brands such as About Office, Styloffice, Sitland, Pedrali, Metalmobil, Luxy, Caimi, Emmegi, Arper. (source: Techno Office)