Sky Tower, the tallest office building in Bucharest and in Romania, with 137 m height, had EUR 1.7 million turnover in 2013, considering the building became operative last spring.


In the first months only six of the 37 floors of the tower were occupied by the employees of Raiffeisen Bank, but the tower started to attract other tenants too, so the occupancy rate increased to 35 pct. one year after its opening.

Among the companies who rented spaces in the building there are PeliFilip, GeCad, Amadeus, Tinmar or Bomax.

The level of rents in Barbu Văcă­rescu area, where Sky Tower is situated, is between EUR 10 and EUR 15 / sq. m / month, so the annual revenues from rents at 100 pct. occupancy rate could situate around approx. EUR 7 million, according to ZF calculations.

Tower Center has reached 90 pct occupancy rate.  (source: