Tagor started its first local residential project in Bragadiru, near Bucharest, last spring, followed in May this year by the construction of the project in Arad and has in plan next month to start the foundation of another two projects: one in Timisoara and one in Pipera.

The project in Timişoara will feature 1,200 apartments, with 100 units in the first phase. The project in Pipera will also start with 100 units and will include 600 at its completion. The prices for Pipera units will range from EUR 40,000 and EUR 85,000.

The construction works for the project in Arad are on schedule and the structure reached the fourth floor. Soon, the works for the commercial component will also start.

Out of the first phase of Adora Urban Village project near Bucharest only 12 apartments were sold from the total of 75 built, has declared for ECONOMICA.NET, Ofer Lieberson, the owner of Tagor. Lieberson also said that the second phase of the project will be started next year.


The project will include at its completion 12 buildings with 548 units, and the total investment will reach EUR 34.4 million. (source: economica.net)