"Competitive wage offer, concern for employee, time for personal life, flexible work schedule or career development opportunities are just some of the expectations that IT professionals have when choosing one employer or another, shows the results says the study carried out by UBB through the UBB STAR Institute and NTT Data Romania in order to define the psycho-social profile of the IT employee in the coming years. The purpose of the study was to provide a detailed insight into the IT professionals' expectations regarding the organizational characteristics and attributes and to investigate the impact of job features on attitudes towards the organization and on the performance of IT professionals at work.", according to the press release of the institution.

BBU representatives have pointed out that this research has also pursued the Millennials generation's expectations in the context of technological and organizational changes produced at an extremely fast pace, which is causing fierce competition in the IT industry.

"The project had a quantitative research stage, which consisted in the elaboration of an analysis based on the instruments validated in the literature, as well as a qualitative analysis stage, during which they were explored through individual interviews and focus groups, the contextualized expectations of IT professionals in the three studies conducted by 319 IT professionals aged 20 to 47 from IT companies," the UBB release also said.

The study also reveals that teamwork and collaboration with colleagues, time spent on personal fulfillment, and a flexible work program are the main expectations of Millennials' representatives.

UBB’s Vice-Rector Daniel David explained in the release that the University of Cluj can mobilize the most advanced academic and professional expertise available, not only internally or nationally, but also internationally, "thus providing the chance for innovative services / solutions, which then support competitive advantages for the beneficiary in the community and the socio-economic environment."

Initiated in April 2017, the Advanced Fellowship research project was conducted by the Department of Economic Sciences and Business Administration in German at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (FSEGA) of Babeş-Bolyai University, funded by NTT DATA Romania. (source: mediafax.ro)