Thus 19% of Romanian employers intend to train personnel, 11% provide a drop, while 67% do not have any change of the number of employees, according to the Manpower Study about Labour Force Employment Prospects.


The resulting Net Employment Provision is the most powerful reported in Romania in the last quarter of 2008 to the present, improved by 4% against quarter 3 of this year and by 8% compared to the October-December interval of 2014.


The indicator is obtained by the difference between the number of employees who anticipate an increase of the total number of people hired and the percentage of those who foresee a drop of hiring in their location in the next quarter. For countries which have cumulated data for at least 17 consecutive quarters, Romania included, the quoted figures underwent season adjustments.


For the 11th consecutive quarter, employers in the processing industry are the most optimistic, reporting a net employment provision of +25%, 5% more than in quarter 3 and 13% over the one of quarter 3, 2014.


The most significant quarterly improvement is reported in the wholesale and retail trade sectors, where the net employment provision of +20% is by 12% over the level of the previous quarter, while from an annual perspective the greatest improvement is reported in the building sector, the net employment provision of +18% in the last quarter of the year being 21% more powerful than in the similar period of 2014.

On the other hand, prospects in the electricity, water, gas sectors continue to be negative for five consecutive quarters.

Employers foresee an increase of the total number of employees in all parts of the country. The most favourable prognoses are formulated by employers in the centre and north-western areas, where the net employment provision is of +14%.


Prospects are more optimistic than in quarter 3 in 6 of the 8 regions, employers from the north-west reporting an improvement of 6% compared to the previous quarter, while those of the southern regions and Bucharest and Ilfov report improvements of 3-4%.


The provision drops against the previous quarter in the western region, recording a decline of 10%. The least dynamic labour force market is foreseen in the south-western region, where one out of 5 employers expects personnel cuts in the last quarter of 2015. The Net Employment Provision of +2% remains positive and relatively stable compared to the third quarter and improves by 8% compared to the same period of last year.


Employment plans are positive regardless of the dimension of employment organizations, while employers from big organization with over 250 employees remain the most optimistic and those from small organizations with no more than 10 employees are more cautious.


The return from recession was extended and uneven, so that Q4 2015 is the first of the last 7 years in which prospects have improved enough to get closer to levels before the crisis. It is an encouraging start which we hope the right stable economic and financial environment can turn from an impulse for three months into a long term tendency, Petrof said.


The Manpower study was based on an opinion poll made between July 15 and 28 on a representative sample of 626 employers and had a margin of error of +/- 3.9%. (source: