"Big projects were completed and now there are on the market only small investments. We will finish the year in Romania with a turnover of approx. EUR 300 million, maybe EUR 310-320 million, down from EUR 350 million last year. When we entered the Romanian market the strategy was to participate only in big projects, but now we get involved in any project. We also went outside Bucharest with other type of projects too, besides the infrastructure projects ", has declared to MEDIAFAX Johann Polzl, managing director sub division SEE East Strabag.

Austrian group Strabag ended this semester with EUR 137.6 million turnover locally, with 2% decrease compared to the same period of the precedent year, according to the company’s financial report.

Strabag completed the construction of Promenada Mall within Floreasca City project, developed by Raiffeisen evolution, a total investment of EUR 300 million. Strabag, the owner of 20% of Raiffeisen evolution, also was the constructor of the office area in a Floreasca City, completed last year. Floreasca City was one of the biggest contracts of Strabag on the local market, of approx. EUR 150 million.

"There are several office projects in pipeline in this area, but we still don’t have an answer. We are also working with Petrom in several projects, we are involved in the construction of the ELI project in Măgurele and we are also very active on the wind power parks construction", Polzl showed.

He mentioned that although the situation on the construction market is better in the last two years, than in 2009 or 2010, the main problem stays the lack of financing sources.

The most important works done by Strabag in Romania are infrastructure related. On this segment, the company won in 2011 the bid for the construction of approx. 24 km segment of the highway Orăştie - Sibiu, for EUR 166 million (including VAT). Strabag also won in 2011 the contracts for the rehabilitation of the national roads 14 Sighişoara - Sibiu and 15A Reghin - Bistriţa, with a total value of EUR 106 million.

In the last part of 2010 Strabag won, together with the Bucharest constructor Straco Grup, controlat controlled by the brothers Alexandru and Traian Horpos, a contract of nearly EUR 180 million for the construction of the highway Deva - Orăştie, opened in May.

Strabag won in 2011 the first contract for railway rehabilitation, with a value of over EUR 317 million, together with the companies Swietelsky, Alstom, Euro Construct Trading 98 and Transferoviar Grup.

The most recent contract won by the Austrian company is the construction of ELI-NP scientific research centre in Măgurele, where Strabag will work with the German company ED Zublin for EUR 65 million. Strabag also submitted the tender for the construction in concession of the Bucharest Southern Ring and for the Comarnic – Braşov highway.


The Austrian group is present in Romania in the sector of constructing Strabag SRL, Strabag AG, Drumco Timişoara or ARL Cluj. (source: economica.net)