Fadesa România have announced in September 2012 its intention to draw the plan for the 6.6 ha plot owned in Bacau, on Stefan cel Mare St., followed by EUR 30.8 million capital increase in November. The establishment of the urban plan could mean that the Spanish developer intends to sell the plot or to develop it. In 2008 a company official declared that Fadesa owned 14 plots in Romania with a total area of 80 ha and that the company will sell the plots which are not needed. On the sales list there were the plots in Bucharest and Bacau, where the intentions at that time were to develop residential projects. In 2011, Roberto Correa, international sales director of Martinsa Fadesa declared that the company wished to restart the 6,700 homes project in Stefanestii de Jos and the company was looking for an investor for the development partnership. The company considered the small buildings development in the first phase – 80-100 units, but also the selling of some plots from the land near Bucharest. In 2008, Fadesa România sold the factory Diana Forest Bacău, bought in 1998, to the Polish company Barlinek, controlled by one of the wealthiest businessmen in Plonad , Michal Solowow. The transaction value was EUR 23 million. The real estate division of the Polish tycoon has in plan the development of Korona mall in Brasov. (sursa: economica.net)