"According to our internal data, more and more companies and individuals are turning their attention to more economical solutions, such as second-hand furniture, in an attempt to cope with the significant increase in furniture prices. Here we are talking not only about individuals, but also about entrepreneurs with large businesses or at the beginning of their business journey, who are looking for solutions to reduce expenses or carefully analyze the quality/price ratio. In recent years, we have experienced a substantial increase in the cost of manufacturing and distributing furniture, an increase caused by multiple factors, including raw material inflation, high transportation costs and changes in tax policy. These changes have led to an increase in the final prices for new furniture, which has led consumers to reevaluate their purchasing options, especially since the differences in quality and appearance between second-hand and new office furniture are almost imperceptible," he says. George Udriste, CEO of Princemob Bureau.

If in previous years a large part of companies or individuals even preferred to use bank loans to purchase new furniture, now there is a decrease in reluctance regarding second-hand furniture and a greater interest in products that are of quality, but are at higher costs. Thus, Princemob Buro data shows that compared to previous years, consumers are now willing to save up to 3 times more when it comes to purchasing furniture.

Regarding the consumer profile, the highest demand for second-hand office furniture still comes from large companies and SMEs for the furnishing of company headquarters and offices. The greatest interest in second-hand office furniture is shown by companies from the medical, automotive, agricultural, courier, trade, and IT fields.

Cluj-Napoca, the city with the highest demand for second-hand furniture
Regarding the preferred type of SH furniture, entrepreneurs most often order desks, storage cabinets, ergonomic chairs, visitor chairs, and individuals buy ergonomic desks and chairs.

The greatest interest in second-hand office furniture is registered in Cluj, Bucharest-Ilfov, Iași, Timișoara and Brașov, and an average order is between 3,200 lei and 3,800 lei.

"Companies and individual consumers are turning their attention to this segment of the furniture market, perceived as a more affordable and economical option in the current context of rising prices. Against the background of growing demand, we have diversified the range of second-hand furniture products, offering convenient options from a financial point of view in terms of fitting out company premises and Romanians' homes. All SH products sold go through an extensive sanitizing and cleaning process. We are obliged by law for all products that contain textile materials to apply a disinfection procedure and another disinfection procedure directly in Germany, from where we import the furniture, and then before being sold they go through another process of checking the functionalities, lubrication, cleaning, washing and vacuuming where necessary, with professional German solutions", explains George Udrişte, CEO of Princemob Buro.

In this context, the second-hand furniture market will register the greatest momentum in 2024 and will become increasingly important in the circular economy, helping to protect the environment. In fact, Romania adopted the Action Plan for the Circular Economy in October last year, a plan that includes 52 actions in the short, medium and long term. At the same time, Princemob Buro contributes to reducing pollution and protecting the environment both by selling second-hand furniture that favors reducing waste and educating the market, but also by the only campaign to plant a tree for every office sold.

Active on the market since 1993, Princemob Buro is one of the leading companies in the second-hand furniture market, supplying products exclusively from Germany. At the same time, the company is an important manufacturer of custom-made furniture, having showrooms in Ilfov and Cluj counties.

At the beginning of 2023, Princemob Buro concluded a partnership with the organization Plantăm Fapte Bune, through which it plants a tree for every office sold. So far, the company has planted over 1,000 saplings, and a new planting campaign will take place on 23.03.2024 in the town of Prundu in Giurgiu County.