The deadline for the bid is March 28th, 10 am, the offers being scheduled for opening at 11.30 am.


"The contract will be in force by 31.12.2016, with extending possibility by 30.04.2017, with the condition that the budget funds with this destination ", the call shows.


According to the tender specifications, the total area needed is approx. 1,225 sq. m. The minimum working space is 645 sq. m, for approx. 50 persons, partitioned, as no open space configuration is accepted.


The Ministry of Energy is looking for a building in an area easy to reach with common transportation, recently built or consolidated in the last five years. The office should be at least 500m distance from a metro station and 100 m from other transportation means.

The tender documentation also specifies that the rent should include the heating system and the PBX maintenance, as well as the maintenance of the IT equipments owned by the landlord. (sursa: