In the second quarter of this year, the labour costs growth trend was 12 percent compared with the same period of 2015, an increasing trend compared with the one from the first quarter, says

„Compared with the same quarter of 2015, based on the main economic activities, the highest increases of the labo8r costs per hour were registered in the education system (34.41 percent), real estate transactions (30 percent) and healthcare and social assistance (28.24 percent). The decreases were registered only in extractive industry (-2.48 percent),” says an INS release.

In the last months of the year there significant increases were registered for certain public sector workers. Since October 1 2015, the salaries from healthcare and social assistance system have grown by 25 percent and from December 1 the education system salaries increased by 15 percent and the salaries for the other public system rose by 10 percent. (sourcE: