So far the company has built more than 150 such constructions in countries like France, the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Belgium. In 2012 alone it built 25 units and had total sales of EUR 1.7 million. This year it hopes to grow to 30 sold houses and a total turnover of about EUR 2 million. HoneyWood plans to further grow and to double its production capacity to 100 units per year by investing approximately EUR 1 million in its factory over the next three years. Starting next year it estimates that it will sell locally some 25-30 percent of the houses manufactures and once it reaches a production of 100 units per year, no more than 30 will be sold outside the country. Leaving aside finishes, a timber-framed house can be 30 percent cheaper than a traditionally built one, said Razvan Cazacu, founder, owner and manager of HoneyWood. Overall building costs are EUR 450 – EUR 600 per square meter. The construction can be raised from the ground in up to three days on average. In 45 days the house is finished and the owner can move in. (source: