In the offices developed by the Cristescu brothers, Benţa family, Bogdan Piţigoi or Iulian Dascălu will work employees of companies such as Continental, E.ON, GfK or UBIS (UniCredit), groups which find good conditions to grow in large cities in the country where there are strong universities.


The entrepreneur Ovidiu Şandor will complete this mid-year the fifth building of the project City Business Center in Timişoara, and by the end of the year will complete the second building of the project The Office in Cluj, together with NEPI.


At the same time, the businessman Gheorghe Iaciu, controlling Impact, will end this May the project Moldova Center in Iaşi.


„The multinationals present in Romania started to replicate the model in other cities, but there are also local companies expanding“, has declared Iaciu, while Ovidiu Şandor sees development plans in most of the foreign companies already present in Romania, but fewer new players.(source: